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Aspire C.F mod

Aspire CF Mod

Aspire CF mod is a new launch by aspire electronic cigarette technology. It takes 18650 battery and has a spring loaded connecter . This Unique spring loaded connector technology ensure that there is always tight connection in mod and tank. The aspire CF mod supplies intense power for low resistance tanks.

Package Includes
  • 1x Aspire CF Mod
  • 1x Aspire CF Mod tube case

Note: 18650 batteries not included


Using :

Turn on/off : Press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds. The LED will blink 3 times ( both blue and orange) and button will illuminte blue active and ON . Repeat the same process to turn OFF.

Usage: Press the button and inhale at the same time.

LED light indicator : Blue - Battery Voltage 3.5v-4.2v
Orange- Battery Voltage below 3.5v

Output Voltage : 4.2v full power output

Compatible with : 18650 battery

Features : Protective electronic switch

Protection Function:
Over discharge Protection: When battery cell voltage is less than 2.8v(low battery), the atomizer will remain OFF and the orange LED will blink 15 times.

Atomizer Short Circuit Protection : If heating coils are short circuited while vaping, the LED lights(both colors) will flash 3times, and the battery will default to sleep mode.

Lock and unlock function: To lock the battery, press the button 5 times in succession in 2 seconds.The led light (both colors) will flash 3 times. repeat this procedure or recharge unlock.

Battery care: Do not Store the battery in a hot or humid environment.. Do not drop or puncture the battery. Do not force battery connection to other attachments.

Warning : Always keep battery dry and away from moisture. Do not dismantle or expose the battery compartment-this will result in malfunction. If the indicator light displays ON continuously or product becomes hot- immediately disconnect the battery from the tank to break the electric conection.

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