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Starting out with eCigarettes

eCigarettes for Beginners

eCigarette technology has come a long way in the last couple of years.  Today, you can custom build your e-cigarette to meet your smoking or vaping needs. 

Here are the basic components of an ecigarette - the e-liquid, the e-battery, and the cartomizer that converts the nicotine liquid into vapor. As a beginner, the array of choices for these components can be dizzying. 


Selecting an eCigarette Kit

The easiest way to start out is with an ecigarette beginner kit.  These kits include everything you will need to start vaping.  Here are our most popular kits:



Kit 1                                                                                                                Kit 2

The kits include a charger, the cartomizer, the battery, and ???.  If you are looking for a kit that makes a statement, consider the eRoll kit below



This kit comes with a case made to look like a smartphone.  It includes xxx, yyy, and zzz.





The eRoll Kit


Selecting the eLiquid

The Flavor

The only thing you need to select in addition to the kit is the flavor and nicotine level of the liquid.  For beginners, we recommend selecting a flavor that is closest to your current cigarette.  Here are the various flavors we offer:

Candy – Candy flavor liquids provide a sweet taste with every vape.  Select from falvors such as xxx, yyy, zzz

Fruit –  Flavors include …..

Tobacco – You can select a strong or mild flavor

Desserts -

Drinks –



The Nicotine Level

The most important aspect of switching to an ecigarette is to select the nicotine level.  All of the flavors above are available in levels of 0, 8, 12, 18, and 24. Here is a quick look at what these levels translate to in terms of your smoking experience

Nicotine Level

Type of Experience


No nicotine






Red Marlboro level of nicotine


With the purchase of a beginner kit, you will get a liquid of your choice at no cost.  Be sure to check out our selection of eLiquids for more details.

Questions?  Call us at xxx-xxx-xxxx or email us at ….

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